Entropy Rising Episode 39 – The Reckoning Star

This episode wraps up the final session of this season of Entropy Rising. Though a slightly shorter episode, much is revealed about the players, both past and future. Many questions will hound the players until we return to this campaign.

Entropy Rising Episode 38 – Barthus

Rudely distracted from their breakfast in the Ashkent temple to the Raven Queen, our heroes must rally the clerical staff to defend against an agent of Orcus and his skeletal minions. This episode comes from the final session of this chapter of Entropy Rising and is a double long two hour episode without any breaks in the battle.

No new episode next week since this is a double.

Entropy Rising Episode 33 – Big Trouble in Little Dry Barrel

The reference for this week’s title goes by really quickly. Did you catch it? In any event, the murder mystery is resolved… sort of. Have a listen.

Entropy Rising Episode 32 – Two Halflings in a Dragonborn Suit

The mystery deepens when we expand our suspect list to include treacherous costumed halflings. Beware the zipper!

Entropy Rising Episode 31 – Curb Their Enthusiasm With Violence

A village on the horizon! Could it be we are reaching our goal and the conclusion of our mission? Oh, skill challenge. Guess not.

Entropy Rising Episode 30 – The Merciless Shifters of Quetzalzacatenango

Ambushed! Our journey is interrupted briefly on account of violence. It could happen to anyone.

Entropy Rising Episode 29 – Worst Session Ever

This is a non-episode episode. This session was plagued by connection issues. Listen to the disclaimer at the beginning of the episode and decide for yourself if you want to listen.

Entropy Rising Episode 28 – Back of My Folk’s Wagon

Finally, the party leaves Buthol behind and embarks on a new mission in their service to The Raven Queen. The road may not be the safest of places in this world, however.

Entropy Rising Episode 27 – Let’s Get Dangerous

Buthol finally shows some worth as he gives the party loot. Some other stuff might happen too. But the most important thing is the loot.

Entropy Rising Episode 26 – My So-Called Unlife

The party continues exploring the chambers to discover the true cause of the undead fouling the area. They must attempt to vanquish their greatest foe yet: a slippery patch of ice.

This episode being another double episode, there will be no new episode next week. This way you don’t have any breaks in the action.

Entropy Rising Episode 24 – Special Guy

For this episode we are joined by a special guest star: Brian! Brian is usually a silent partner in the endeavors of LTM Gaming. For the next few episodes, he plays a character helping the party as they explore some of Buthol’s past.

Entropy Rising Episode 21 – A Real Gem

Recent developments in Firemount leave Buthol reeling and the rest of the party feeling awkward about all of those “your mother” jokes they told Buthol on the way here.

Entropy Rising Episode 20 – Cowardly Cactus Conflict

The party is finally on land once again, transporting the prisoner along with Buthol to the Firemount Clan home. Their mountain path is not without dangers, however.

Entropy Rising Episode 18 – TJ’s Not Right

The party must assist the crew in defending the ship from a pack (pod? school? shiver?) of water mephits. Cadfan wins the ensuing wet t-shirt contest.

Entropy Rising Episode 17 – Jauntyrama

Tensions are rising aboard the ship. The surprise guest causes some friction. However, that must wait when the ship comes under fire from an external threat.

Entropy Rising Episode 16 – And MY War-Kazoo

The voyage begins. Buthol earns the “worst dwarf ever” achievement. The rest of the group tries to find their sea-legs and suss out the situation aboard.

Entropy Rising Episode 15 – Cruel Summer

If there’s anything that says hardcore gaming more than a dinner party, I don’t know what it would be. The group finds a faster way to travel.

Entropy Rising Episode 14 – Taffy and Spice and Everything Nice

The party seeks help from the temple to The Raven Queen in the Keep of Oran to start the next leg of their journey to the Dusty Mountains.

Entropy Rising Episode 13 – Maiming Builds Character

Having found themselves in the wild, the party opts for the safest route to finish the distance to the nearby Keep of Oran.

Entropy Rising Episode 12 – Follow the Brown Dusty Road

The party decides how best to traverse the entire continent in order to transport Buthol safely back to his home. Skill challenge!

Entropy Rising Episode 10 – Whoopsiedoodle

Our adventurers continue on without Buthol and encounter a very dangerous new foe. Double episode this week also means no episode next week.

Entropy Rising Episode 9 – For Whom the Ball Rolls

The kobolds just won’t quit with the traps. Listen to how our adventurers fare against a classic Indiana Jones villain.

Entropy Rising Episode 7 – Meet the Firemounts

With Matt unable to play for a session, TJ reaches into Paul’s bag of tricks and pulls out a one-shot flashback adventure. Think of it as Buthol’s origin story. In this episode, young Buthol’s friends are Kunthol, played by Paul, and Dichol, played by Steve. Apparently dwarves never learn they can delve too deep.

Entropy Rising Episode 6 – Why Couldn’t It Be Snakes?

Despite a reluctant Buthol, the party is determined to plumb the depths of this endless kobold dungeon. However, they have more to contend with than kobolds in this episode. Their investigations bring up more questions than answers.

Entropy Rising Episode 5 – Skull Skittles

In this episode of Entropy Rising, our fearless adventurers take on the prestigious Kobold Home Guard. This elite group of kobolds is highly trained, their skills having been honed over the generations. Parents brought up their children to the ways of defending their home, and the post is never left abandoned. Either that or some kobolds have a rock they throw.

Entropy Rising Episode 4 – Crossfire!

The dungeon exploration continues as a suspiciously behaving Buthol leads the party further down, where they face off against more kobolds and encounter traps.

Also, jaunty dwarven hats.

Entropy Rising Episode 3 – Goodbye Muddah Goodbye Faddah

Welcome back! In this episode Gwen decides how she will bid farewell to her loving family and the party begins to explore their first dungeon as they attempt to find information about who is responsible for the undead attack.

More information about this podcast is available at ltmgaming.com

Entropy Rising Episode 2 – Raven Queen Knows Best

Welcome back! In this, the second episode of Entropy Rising, our characters engage in their first battle. The party fights to rescue Gwen from the clutches of ex-boyfriend Bil and his undead companions. Join us and see how zombies fare against this party of divine characters.

For more information about the campaign and its characters, check out ltmgaming.com

Entropy Rising Episode 1 – Welcome to Entropy Rising

Welcome to Entropy Rising!

In this, the very first episode of the LTM Gaming Podcast, TJ begins as dungeon master of a 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign. You will meet the main characters as they meet each other and choose a path. They are:

Cadfan, a deva avenger played by Paul.

Eryth, a revenant invoker played by Steve.

Gwen, a half-elf half-dwarf paladin played by Matt.


Buthol, a dwarven cleric NPC.

The characters are thrust together because of their service to The Raven Queen.

More information about the world they live in can be found at ltmgaming.com