Entropy Rising Episode 16 – And MY War-Kazoo

The voyage begins. Buthol earns the “worst dwarf ever” achievement. The rest of the group tries to find their sea-legs and suss out the situation aboard.

Entropy Rising Episode 15 – Cruel Summer

If there’s anything that says hardcore gaming more than a dinner party, I don’t know what it would be. The group finds a faster way to travel.

Entropy Rising Episode 14 – Taffy and Spice and Everything Nice

The party seeks help from the temple to The Raven Queen in the Keep of Oran to start the next leg of their journey to the Dusty Mountains.

Entropy Rising Episode 13 – Maiming Builds Character

Having found themselves in the wild, the party opts for the safest route to finish the distance to the nearby Keep of Oran.

Entropy Rising Episode 12 – Follow the Brown Dusty Road

The party decides how best to traverse the entire continent in order to transport Buthol safely back to his home. Skill challenge!