Jahnas’ Journal Day 19 – Kythorn 30 1497 DR/139 PR – Full Moon

After resting Magda removed her stone barrier and we moved further into the stronghold. I truly did not know how deep the dwarves really delve. With a little creative spell casting we were able to more easily defeat the duergar here, and found that the interior was what would have been nicely furnished living spaces for the dwarves who called Glitterhame their home. Unfortunately, time and the presence of evil magic seems to have corrupted many of the things in their old quarters. We were attacked by animated furniture and carpets, among other things. Magda swiftly dealt with some of the undead ghosts and wights which wisped out of the woodwork.

In one room we found a strangely attractive woman who called herself Idalla. My memories of her are foggy, but I do remember that she was very nice. She had been unfortunately imprisoned here through magic, and I freed her from the imprisonment. Her laugh once she was freed still echoes in my head. Unfortunately, she used some magic to whisk herself away as soon as she was freed. The others think I may have made a mistake in freeing her so readily, but I know that I did the right thing.

All of our paths lead to a chain ladder extending down even further into the depths. Again, a glance around and we steeled our resolve to see this through to the end, one way or another. It was almost another. At the end of the ladder we found perhaps where the lake entrance led underground. Perhaps not, but certainly Glitterhame and the Stone Tooth are situated in a place with a lot of water. A young black dragon had made its lair down here and began attacking us out of the water. We found the wherewithal to defeat the dragon, and I did find a thrill in that victory. This travel into Glitterhame seems to have changed something between Dask, Magda, Fox, and myself. I do not know what, but the triumph over that black dragon has bonded us into an even tighter group. I feel like we could take on anything now. The dragon’s hoard, though not immense because it was young, will certainly be a boon to Armbard’s Pass and the entire community.

Almost as an afterthought on our way out we saw a side passage to a sinkhole area that we had left alone. A lone roper lived there. Getting rid of it took some ingenuity, but it was worth it. The find of this travel for me was a ring which let me significantly expand the number of spells I can cast each day. A truly exceptional find!

Our way out of Glitterhame and back to the surface was mostly uneventful after that. We tried to convince Magda that we needed to climb back out of the chimney to go out the way we came in, but she didn’t buy it. We begin the journey back to Armbard’s Pass in the morning. It will be nice to return to town as champions.

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