Entropy Rising Episode 3 – Goodbye Muddah Goodbye Faddah

Welcome back! In this episode Gwen decides how she will bid farewell to her loving family and the party begins to explore their first dungeon as they attempt to find information about who is responsible for the undead attack.

More information about this podcast is available at ltmgaming.com

Entropy Rising Episode 2 – Raven Queen Knows Best

Welcome back! In this, the second episode of Entropy Rising, our characters engage in their first battle. The party fights to rescue Gwen from the clutches of ex-boyfriend Bil and his undead companions. Join us and see how zombies fare against this party of divine characters.

For more information about the campaign and its characters, check out ltmgaming.com

Entropy Rising Episode 1 – Welcome to Entropy Rising

Welcome to Entropy Rising!

In this, the very first episode of the LTM Gaming Podcast, TJ begins as dungeon master of a 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign. You will meet the main characters as they meet each other and choose a path. They are:

Cadfan, a deva avenger played by Paul.

Eryth, a revenant invoker played by Steve.

Gwen, a half-elf half-dwarf paladin played by Matt.


Buthol, a dwarven cleric NPC.

The characters are thrust together because of their service to The Raven Queen.

More information about the world they live in can be found at ltmgaming.com