#053 The Crushing Depths Episode 12 – Cashiers to Women’s

Thanks for listening to the LTM Gaming Podcast! This week on The Crushing Depths, our real-play d20 Modern game, we will hear the exciting conclusion to the battle between our heroes and the beholder-kin team up of a gauth and weakened overseer tree.

#052 The Crushing Depths Episode 11 – Underfeeler

After handily winning the skill challenge, and then easily dispatching Dell, the players are feeling pretty good about themselves. That is, until they start engaging with the gauth and overseer in the next room.

#051 The Crushing Depths Episode 10 – Bras Are Hard

In this episode of The Crushing Depths, the party devises a plan to explore the rest of the facility they have discovered on North Brother Island.

#050 The Crushing Depths Episode 9 – Lies and Chicanery

Their progress having been completely stalled by a simple locked door, the party is back in action and solves the problem the only way they know how: violence!