Entropy Rising Episode 7 – Meet the Firemounts

With Matt unable to play for a session, TJ reaches into Paul’s bag of tricks and pulls out a one-shot flashback adventure. Think of it as Buthol’s origin story. In this episode, young Buthol’s friends are Kunthol, played by Paul, and Dichol, played by Steve. Apparently dwarves never learn they can delve too deep.

Entropy Rising Episode 6 – Why Couldn’t It Be Snakes?

Despite a reluctant Buthol, the party is determined to plumb the depths of this endless kobold dungeon. However, they have more to contend with than kobolds in this episode. Their investigations bring up more questions than answers.

Entropy Rising Episode 5 – Skull Skittles

In this episode of Entropy Rising, our fearless adventurers take on the prestigious Kobold Home Guard. This elite group of kobolds is highly trained, their skills having been honed over the generations. Parents brought up their children to the ways of defending their home, and the post is never left abandoned. Either that or some kobolds have a rock they throw.

Entropy Rising Episode 4 – Crossfire!

The dungeon exploration continues as a suspiciously behaving Buthol leads the party further down, where they face off against more kobolds and encounter traps.

Also, jaunty dwarven hats.