#074 The Crushing Depths Episode 33 – Montour Falls

Whoops, sorry for the late episode! Thanks for listening to the LTM Gaming Podcast! This week on The Crushing Depths, our real-play d20 Modern game, a visit to Montour Falls for collecting information on the walled town of Watkins Glen. We hope you enjoy!

#042 The Crushing Depths Episode 1 – Who’s my character again?

This week kicks off a new season of LTM Gaming! Join us as we reach back in to our memories to try and set the stage for the d20 Modern campaign run by Paul, The Crushing Depths. This campaign actually started before Entropy Rising, but we didn’t start recording until session 7 for us. These first two episodes will be our attempt to reintroduce the campaign and characters, as well as detail the events of the missing recordings.

This episode in particular you hear the introduction Paul gave the players before starting, detailing the history of this alternate future world. Then you meet the characters:

Matt plays a Fast hero named Russet Barrow.
Steve plays a Smart hero named Vanessa Fairaday.
TJ plays a Strong hero named Salvestro Giangaleazzo.
In addition to running the game, Paul plays a Fast hero named Leonid Rybkin. Sort of. You’ll see.

Hope you enjoy!