#044 The Crushing Depths Episode 3 – Whistle While You Walk

I bet you thought we forgot about posting this week’s episode. If you thought that, you’d be right. It’s the holidays here, and we apologize for being late this week. But never fear! There is still a new episode of the LTM Gaming Podcast. The third episode of The Crushing Depths has our heroes leveling up after their encounter in the Blockhouse of Central Park. Of course, the fictional version in our game was a bit different from that Wikipedia article. They also have an important conversation with Lydia, the woman they previously saved who is currently staying in Vanessa’s apartment.

We hope you enjoy!

#043 The Crushing Depths Episode 2 – For All You Viewers Listening

Week two of The Crushing Depths is an extended recap of the six sessions we had prior to starting recording. The players, with Paul’s help, detail the events of the previous sessions. Kidnappings, Agents, Ninja Hobos (not really), Vampires, Explosions, Gunfights, and more!

#042 The Crushing Depths Episode 1 – Who’s my character again?

This week kicks off a new season of LTM Gaming! Join us as we reach back in to our memories to try and set the stage for the d20 Modern campaign run by Paul, The Crushing Depths. This campaign actually started before Entropy Rising, but we didn’t start recording until session 7 for us. These first two episodes will be our attempt to reintroduce the campaign and characters, as well as detail the events of the missing recordings.

This episode in particular you hear the introduction Paul gave the players before starting, detailing the history of this alternate future world. Then you meet the characters:

Matt plays a Fast hero named Russet Barrow.
Steve plays a Smart hero named Vanessa Fairaday.
TJ plays a Strong hero named Salvestro Giangaleazzo.
In addition to running the game, Paul plays a Fast hero named Leonid Rybkin. Sort of. You’ll see.

Hope you enjoy!

#041 LTM Plays Episode 2 – Gloom Part 2


This week on the LTM Gaming Podcast, we finish our game of Gloom! The concluding episode turned out a little shy of our normal length, but we hope you enjoy.

Gloom is a tabletop card game in which you control a set of characters. You play modifier cards on those characters with the aim of getting them to the lowest possible negative value and then killing them off, ending play. Any player may play modifier cards on any character, not just their own.

While Gloom could be played as a simple card placement game, our group prefers to play it as a collective storytelling game. We base our descriptions on the cards played, but the story grows from there. The descriptions and story are the best part of Gloom! We always have a good time playing it.

Click here for a link to the complete instructions from the publisher’s website.

Click here (link from publisher, Atlas Games) or here (Amazon) to buy the base game. (Full disclosure: we get nothing from this!)