Jahnas’ Journal Day 16 – Kythorn 27 1497 DR/139 PR

Sometimes journeying is not as exciting as books would make it seem. I can hardly keep my journal dry tonight, and there is no chance at a reasonable fire. It hardly even seems worth it to light a magical one. The damp and foggy weather even prevented me from observing any of the local flora as we traveled. I’m closing the book on today.

Jahnas’ Journal Day 15 – Kythorn 26 1497 DR/139 PR

I write this in the midst of packing for another journey into the unknown. Do I take my field notebook in case we come across samples? Do I pack extra parchment for maps? I suppose I must even make room for rations! But I get ahead of myself. The council has decided to send Magda, Dask, Fox, and me to the Sword Mountains to the so-called Stone Tooth to search for Glitterhame.

Again, I seem to be jumping ahead. There is so much to plan, I am continually distracted. Overnight last night, Fox slept outside. Now, in of itself this is nothing unusual. Indeed, Fox’s propensity for the night air is likely what helped him develop his most unique talents. It also ensures that I have a ready supply of Starblossom petals. However, last night was notable in that Fox had, unbeknownst to me, “borrowed” the dwarven riddle scroll from me, thinking he may have better luck solving the riddle. Well, I must grudgingly admit that he certainly had better luck than I, for in the light of the moon Fox observed that the back of the scroll was actually a map to this Stone Tooth in a sheltered area of the Sword Mountains.

Today Fox reported his find. To be honest, it was the very early hours of the morning when I awoke to find Fox excitedly gesturing at me with the very brittle scroll. We waited until a more reasonable hour and took the findings to Magda and Dask first, and at Magda’s urging, the town council. After seeing this evidence, Homar and the rest of the council urged us, of all people, to pursue this track, thinking that perhaps this fallen dwarven stronghold of Glitterhame is serving as a way for the goblins to keep a firm toehold in the region and expand their raids even more.

We agreed to the council’s request, and here I am, trying to prepare for a journey.

Jahnas’ Journal Day 14 – Kythorn 25 1497 DR/139 PR

The caravan arrived today.  The big news was that a note arrived from Padir.  So, not wayward and not lost either.  Though he will likely never read this, Padir, I am sorry, I was hasty in my judgment of you, both times.  The note said this,

“Dear Council,

I have searched the whole of Waterdeep over seeking someone who might know the answer to our problem.  I now have a theory.  I believe our people were exposed to the disease during the last goblin raid.  It is possible that the goblinoids were using some sort of slow-acting poison.  I will keep looking for a cure, but in the meantime, if you can trace back the goblinoids that attacked us to their home base you might be able to find out what they were using.


May Chauntea bless you,



We will have to try and find Padir to let him know of the events that played out in his absence.  I am sure Magda will be eager to do this, though leaving the village with no cleric at all might be a problem.  I was able to sell goods to the caravan for seven gold, and also sold the everburning torches as well.  Fox is busy tallying up the split for our profit from the castle excursion, and it seems Dask and Magda are feeling better after all.  I made a few more Mage Armor scrolls today, not for sale, but just for our own use.

Also, I sat down and talked with Magda, Dask, and Fox about the possibility of going back to the castle in order to recover the remains of the adventurer’s from Oakhurst, and possibly further investigate the dragon tomb, now that we are not pressed for time in getting back.  We also might attempt to block off the passage to the underdark, as something like that so close to Armbard’s Pass is not a good thing.  They did not want to commit to anything right away, but have promised me they will consider it.  I think Magda is more distracted by the note from Padir and her want to find him than anything else.  As the town council has called a meeting for tomorrow to determine our next course of action, this conversation may have been moot.

Jahnas’ Journal Day 13 – Kythorn 24 1497 DR/139 PR

I have gathered together the usual things to sell or trade when the caravan comes tomorrow.  I think I can make a decent sale, though the gold will have to be saved in preparation for recording the scrolls we found into my spellbook.  Fox has not completely finished dividing up the gold and gems we have found, and I am sure that will not be complete until we can get an accurate value on the sale of some things tomorrow.  Hopefully there will be enough to allow me to buy a spell or two.

I lost myself in creating a few scrolls at Fox’s request.  Two of Mage Armor and one Endure Elements.  It is an excellent idea, and the scrolls are not even that difficult to make.  I will make a few more tomorrow before the caravan arrives.  I also cast Continual Flame on a dagger of Fox’s, again at his request.  He provided the funds, and seems excited about the prospect of having a somewhat magical dagger of his own.  I would have created a couple more torches to sell, but the cost for casting is just too high and I do not have the funds right now.  Hopefully the torches will fetch a fair price.  More studies towards Knock and Spider Climb, and more sympathy for the still ill Magda and Dask.  They are hoping to be over the illness by the time the caravan arrives, or else they will not be able to barter with everyone else.  Magda, as usual, has a positive outlook on it.