Jahnas’ Journal Day 7 – Kythorn 18 1497 DR/139 PR

Today I gave Brunila, the baker, an herbal tea mixture she can make for when she gets her headaches.  In thanks she gave me some fresh strawberry honeycakes.  They were delicious.  Of course Fox came by and filched one.  I’m not sure how he figures out every time I have a sweet, but I might as well set one aside for him every time I get some.  Someday I am going to have to learn how to scry just so I can keep track of him.  That reminds me that I was also thinking today that there might be some way for me to get word to Varick, if he is still in Waterdeep, and ask him if he has heard anything regarding Padir.  I will talk to Magda about it and see what she says.  I would offer the same to Dask about Leda, but, well, I am unsure how he would react.  Leda going after my brother Tarn can be a sore spot with him.

Jahnas’ Journal Day 6 – Kythorn 17 1497 DR/139 PR

This day was terrible.  We found out another person has taken to bed with the disease.  That makes six now.  If Belak does not come, or if we cannot buy an apple, or if the apple does not work, I do not know what we will do.  There are too many ifs in this plan for me to feel at ease about it, but I do not think we have much recourse otherwise.  Magda told me she wishes Padir were back.  I can understand that.  I wish he were back as well.  Magda knows as much as he does, but the two of them together might come up with something she cannot on her own.  For that matter, I know she was missing River as well.  He knew much more than either of them.  A few days ago I thought perhaps Padir was just shirking responsibility and had deserted Armbard’s Pass after seeing Waterdeep.  I think I may have been hasty in my judgment of him.  Now I wonder if he is all right, and hope he has not been hurt or misled by some tricksters or bandits or worse.  Magda did not seem to appreciate me bringing this up, even though she must have thought the same thing herself, and she slammed the door so hard I had to get Dask to fix the hinge for me.

Jahnas’ Journal Day 5 – Kythorn 16 1497 DR/139 PR

It is a new moon tonight, and the council met in preparation for the druid Belak’s annual visit on the twentieth.  Magda and I were included in the council meeting, and they have entrusted us with procuring the apple from Belak.  It is a good deal of responsibility, especially this year given the unknown disease that slowly spreads among us.  The council, and in fact the entire town, is putting a lot of hope in Belak’s visit and the promise of a cure with his red apple.  I only hope it is not a shaky promise.  Some of the older council members seemed nervous about Belak himself, but when I asked, none of them would elaborate further.  Magda and I have one hundred gold that belonging to the town.  I only hope we can get the apple for less than that.

Jahnas’ Journal Day 4 – Kythorn 15 1497 DR/139 PR

Fox came into the lab today to help out.  I think he needed some time away from his family’s farm.  A few of the children came to me with some minor scrapes they earned while playing.  I suppose Magda is out among the farms again, and this was minor enough not to need to call her.  She never stops.  Fox took care of them all, and had them laughing at his antics.  By the time they left, none were crying.  It helped that his younger sister Daisy Telox was one of those with a scraped knee.  I think he has actually surpassed me in his skill at applying healing poultices and salves.  He is not a bad hand at making them either, but still needs some practice.