Jahnas’ Journal Day 7 – Kythorn 18 1497 DR/139 PR

Today I gave Brunila, the baker, an herbal tea mixture she can make for when she gets her headaches.  In thanks she gave me some fresh strawberry honeycakes.  They were delicious.  Of course Fox came by and filched one.  I’m not sure how he figures out every time I have a sweet, but I might as well set one aside for him every time I get some.  Someday I am going to have to learn how to scry just so I can keep track of him.  That reminds me that I was also thinking today that there might be some way for me to get word to Varick, if he is still in Waterdeep, and ask him if he has heard anything regarding Padir.  I will talk to Magda about it and see what she says.  I would offer the same to Dask about Leda, but, well, I am unsure how he would react.  Leda going after my brother Tarn can be a sore spot with him.

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