Jahnas’ Journal Day 8 – Kythorn 19 1497 DR/139 PR

I spoke with Magda today.  She seemed to think it was a decent idea to send word to Varick.  I did warn her that we are not likely to have any more luck reaching Varick than we have had reaching Padir, but at least it is another option.  She is as nervous as I am about dealing with Belak tomorrow.  There is something not quite right about this situation.  I do not understand why they would give the two of us, young as we are, this important task.  I know that we both have positions of, if not authority, then responsibility within the village, but even so.  This seems far too important an issue to really be left to the two of us.  Even if it were a test of us in some fashion, I would hope the council would have better judgment than to ride the health of six individuals on a test for the new cleric and apothecary.  Unless there is something between Belak and the council itself, and they simply do not want to or can not deal with him themselves.

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