Jahnas’ Journal Day 6 – Kythorn 17 1497 DR/139 PR

This day was terrible.  We found out another person has taken to bed with the disease.  That makes six now.  If Belak does not come, or if we cannot buy an apple, or if the apple does not work, I do not know what we will do.  There are too many ifs in this plan for me to feel at ease about it, but I do not think we have much recourse otherwise.  Magda told me she wishes Padir were back.  I can understand that.  I wish he were back as well.  Magda knows as much as he does, but the two of them together might come up with something she cannot on her own.  For that matter, I know she was missing River as well.  He knew much more than either of them.  A few days ago I thought perhaps Padir was just shirking responsibility and had deserted Armbard’s Pass after seeing Waterdeep.  I think I may have been hasty in my judgment of him.  Now I wonder if he is all right, and hope he has not been hurt or misled by some tricksters or bandits or worse.  Magda did not seem to appreciate me bringing this up, even though she must have thought the same thing herself, and she slammed the door so hard I had to get Dask to fix the hinge for me.

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