Jahnas’ Journal Day 5 – Kythorn 16 1497 DR/139 PR

It is a new moon tonight, and the council met in preparation for the druid Belak’s annual visit on the twentieth.  Magda and I were included in the council meeting, and they have entrusted us with procuring the apple from Belak.  It is a good deal of responsibility, especially this year given the unknown disease that slowly spreads among us.  The council, and in fact the entire town, is putting a lot of hope in Belak’s visit and the promise of a cure with his red apple.  I only hope it is not a shaky promise.  Some of the older council members seemed nervous about Belak himself, but when I asked, none of them would elaborate further.  Magda and I have one hundred gold that belonging to the town.  I only hope we can get the apple for less than that.

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