Jahnas’ Journal Day 12 – Kythorn 23 1497 DR/139 PR

Today was relatively calm by my new standards.  There is a lot to do before the caravan comes, and people are scrambling to get crops and goods together for trade and sale.  And yet it seems quite minor compared to the excitement of Belak’s visit.  That story will be told for a long time around here.  I began today where I left off last night, by making an additional copy of the map in order to provide one for the town’s own records.  With the castle so close, it is only right.  I also finished reading the Tome of Dragon Lore, which is just an old treatise on various specific dragons.  Unfortunately, the part labeled “Ashardalon” which would have been the most relevant for learning more about this particular ruin was ripped out.  I will perhaps see if the caravan would like to purchase it, as the information seems somewhat outdated.

I have cast Comprehend Languages on three items we brought back with us.  The first is a strange whistle which appears to be glass, but seems harder than glass somehow.  It is of dwarven make, and has a dwarven inscription on it.  The second is a bone scroll case, also of dwarven make.  The case itself says “Glitterhame” on the exterior and contains a very old scroll with these words:

“The Glitterhame, our grandest hall.

Home to Dwarf, one and all.

Hidden from the likes of elves

Our history kept to ourselves

The Orcs and Goblins came and sacked

Overwhelmed, yet we fought back.

Alas their numbers were too great

The Hall deserves a better fate.

So, reclaim our hall and birthright too!

And on our throne shall sit you.

Answer the riddle to show where

Our hidden hall lies in despair


What’s round, but not always around?

What gives light but has none of its own?

Where do the gods leave their footprints?”


The first portion of the scroll refers to a lost dwarven hall, and the last three lines are obviously the riddle. It was not very hard for me to figure out the answer to the riddle was the moon, but it did not seem to help.  Barring the dwarves actually finding a way to reach the moon herself, there are many places in Faerun which bear the name moon.  Moonshae Isles, Silverymoon and the Moonwood near there, the Moonsea, just to name a few.  I’ll have to remember to show it to the others and see what they think of it.  I also attempted to read some of the other tome I found in Belak’s study, which is written in some Druidic language, but did not get very far.

After that the day was very similar to a normal day.  I researched some more spells to push the limits of my arcane knowledge.  I am currently working on Knock, which I was able to successfully cast once before, regretfully, but have not been able to make work again.  Something about the way in which Tarn betrayed me with that scroll is blocking my efforts.  I have also endeavored to learn Invisibility.  Becoming unseen would have been very useful at multiple points in our exploration of the castle.  A few people came by for herbs and tinctures, but it was nothing major.

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