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Crisis is a d20 modern game, and is not yet a podcast. The game is run by Paul, and the players are Matt, Steve, and TJ. The setting is mostly in near future New York City, not long after a world-wide food crisis has drastically reduced the population of the world. The PC's (Leo, Russ, Vanessa, and Sal) are all friends who mostly congregate at Vanessa's book shop, Crop Squares. Vanessa has a wide range of conspiracy theories that she believes in deeply, Sal has had weird experiences that he goes to Crop Squares to investigate, Leo came for the conspiracy talk (but stayed for the Vanessa), and Russ had a brief date with Sal's daughter that went nowhere, but introduced him to the group. An attack on the group forces them to face many of the unbelievable conspiracies they used to discuss in the comfort of the bookstore.

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