Armbard's Pass

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Armbard's Pass is a 3.5 D&D game, and is not yet a podcast. The game is run by Steve, and the players are Matt, Paul, and TJ (although the other players tricked Steve into playing a PC as well). The setting is the west coast of the Forgotten Realms, post-Spellplague. The PC's (Dask, Fox, Jahnas, and Magda) are all citizens of Armbard's Pass. At the beginning of the story, a lingering sickness has plagued the residents of Armbard's Pass, but luckily, a druid name Belak is due to make his annual trip to the village, and bring an apple which is possessed of amazing curative properties. However, this apple doesn't seem to help, nor does it even seem magical...

Armbard's Pass is part of the LTM Gaming network.